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Dividing Page

You can easily view the list view by dividing the pages with separators.

Select 'Page Break' on the field you want to split.


Pages are separated in the list view.


Page breaks are not applied in step view.

💡 What are the differences between 'Multiple Fields' and 'Page Break'?

Multiple FieldsPage Break
Logic per questionXO
Options per questionXO
  • Multiple fields themselves are a single question, so you can't set logic for each question within multiple fields.
  • Page break allows you to freely add logic to questions between separators.
Multiple FieldsPage Break
Step viewOX
  • Multiple fields can display several questions on one page in step view.
  • Page break is not applied in step view, so you can view one question at a time.
Multiple FieldsPage Break
List viewXO
  • Multiple fields are not distinguished from other questions in the list view.
  • Page break allows you to flip through separated pages in the list view.

⇒ 'Page Break + List View' is similar to 'Multiple Fields + Step View', but further allows you to set different options or add logic to each question.


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